Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lessons I learned in Hawaii, II

Nite lovers,

My trip to Hawaii was so amazing that one post about all lessons learned just wasn't enough... So here is part deux!

I've been back in NYC for about a week now, and even to my own surprise, haven't lost my vacay zen yet. Seriously! I haven't yet got mad at people who suddenly decide to stop on a busy Manhattan street, or those who move at a snail's pace and don't let you sprint at your normal new york speed, or the morning subway ride... Yes, I am very tolerant of "mere mortals" these days.

Based on what's been said, here is the 1st lesson:

1) Sometimes we just need to get away to find ourselves again.

What I realize every time I get out of NYC, is how misleading (if not deceiving) my "NYC persona" can be. Let me explain. Being a happy and trusting, and loving (blah, blah, blah) person at heart, I do tend to toughen up in New York. It's just the way you live/survive in the city. Yes, I can even be mean (believe me!) if I have to. Though let me assure you, never bitchy, not a drop!
But inside I am sweet, super sweet, and with all honesty, hate being mean. So once I am out of the "concrete jungle", and don't have a need for survival, I let my true self be. It's really magic, takes about 3 days out of the city, and I am the happiest, lovable person you'll ever meet.
Being in Hawaii, a place of lovers and friends, I was able to let my loving authentic self come out and shine! And God, how nice and easy it is.
Once again, I realized how important it is to get out of the city just to let your most authentic self be.

2) Don't be afraid to travel alone. Be open, be yourself, and let events unfold naturally.

The 2nd part of my trip to Maui was solo. Never having traveled alone before, I was a little anxious in the beginning. Felt lonely and vulnerable the first night, even cried like a little child on her first day of school. After a long phone conversation with my man I was able to calm down and set my mind on making the best of it. In a matter of 24 hours, I met 2 most amazing ladies from Seattle with whom I connected on so many levels, and had the most amazing time for the following 3 days. If I hadn't been alone and open to meet new people, I would have never met them.

Traveling by yourself is exciting. That's when your true inner self feels free and safe to come out. On top of that, you learn more about yourself than in any other situation, you experience yourself on a whole new level. There is nothing like it, believe me.
I was happy to learn that my true inner self attracts people that inspire me. In this case, strong loving women, who are true to themselves and lead fulfilling lives. Terri and Jen (the ladies I met) run marathons (yes, 26 miles and all), triathlons, travel around the world, have successful careers, have great friends, eat healthy diets, inspire others, and so much more.

I would advise anyone to experience traveling alone.

3) Being away will give you a clear perspective on where you're standing in your life.

The goal of this trip was to get away from it all and find inspiration. I started feeling unfulfilled and wanted to find some new directions on what to do. As if something was missing, and keeping me away from fulfilling my destiny.

Being away, I realized what a good place I am in my life right now. Even if it's not the most creative and fulfilling life just yet, I am on my way! But right now, I am blessed to have a loving circle of people in my life, parents, lover, friends, Josephine, colleagues. I am blessed to be independent and free to make my own choices. And blessings go on and on.
So in the end, I was relieved to realize it's all good, life is good. Coming back to NYC was easy this time. I was happy and excited to come back to someone I deeply love.

As you see, it was one amazing trip for me. The trip that keeps on giving, and will stay with me for the rest of my life.
I would encourage all of you to travel with an open mind and heart.

Aloha to all.

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