Sunday, December 23, 2012

New York Love: Aftermath, Part III

New York Love: Aftermath, Part III: I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders." --Jewish proverb The storm passed and silence fell on Long Beach. For the...

Aftermath, Part III

I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders."
--Jewish proverb

The storm passed and silence fell on Long Beach. For the next 2 days, I was in complete oblivion, still in shock after what happened. All seemed like a wild dream at the time, I think I was sleeping 12 hours a day during those days, not being able to differentiate what was real and what wasn't. 
I didn't have a plan on my way out, though I knew I had to. All my neighbors left one by one, and I was the only one left in an empty, dark, cold building. When the 3rd day came, and it became clear that power wouldn't be back in the foreseeable future, I knew I had to get out. I took my gym back, threw in few things, and left the building with no plan in mind. 

The Long Island Rail Road station was closed of course, but I was lucky to find a couple of cabbies who were driving close distances. One of them agreed to take me to JFK, and so we went. From JFK, I made it to the city right before Mayor Bloomberg made it mandatory to have more than 2 people in a car. When later I finally looked back on everything that happened, I knew that God was carrying me the whole time. 

To say that I am fortunate to have great friends would be an understatement. I'm blessed to have the most amazing people to be my friends. All of them were calling me, offering help, inviting me to stay with them. And that's what I did for a month to come.

My first stay was on Upper East side (thank you my dearest Val). I was shocked to see that life was going on as usual on UES, people going out, eating, drinking, having fun, when just an hour drive away people were cut off from the reality with no power, no water, no place to go. That's when I learned my 2nd lesson during this whole experience: life is unfair, and there will always be someone who suffers and someone who doesn't. My first lesson was (in case I didn't mention it in my first post about Sandy): Anything could happen. Nature is in charge.

The second shock was when I watched news on what happened to other damaged areas. People lost their homes, they had no food, no water. My situation faded next to them. I was fortunate to have survived, with my belongings undamaged, and priceless experience gained. 

The following month, November, I was staying with different friends in the city, traveling to Boston, Minneapolis, visiting those I hadn't seen in a long time. Everyone was so sweet and loving. That's when I learned my 3rd lesson: Relationships with others can tell us who we are. I must have done something right in this life to have such great friends. 

God's presence was throughout the whole time, and when I share all my lessons during this experience you'll see why. 

My new home was deemed "Red" by FEMA, which meant not livable but not under demolition. Simply put, no one could stay there till it's repaired. The whole ground level was flooded and destroyed, the roof on the right side was blown off. There was a lot of work to be done. So just when I was informed that it would take months (3 or more) to fix my building the most amazing thing happened. 

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sandy, Part II

Here are some pics from those two memorable days I spent on Long Beach during the storm. The first one is of the day before Sandy. The waves were big and glorious, surfers had the best time. 
Pictures below are of the day of the hurricane, and capture the ocean making it to the street. I was on the boardwalk the whole time, and experienced it firsthand. 
Pictures taken at night are from my balcony. As you can see the ocean made it to my street and kept going, and it was still few hours away from the high tide. My phone died when we reached the high tide and images of the waves at full force are, unfortunately, mental. But take my word for it, the waves rushing through my building and blocks ahead were as big as surfing ones at the beach the day before.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

New York Love: I am back, Part I

New York Love: I am back, Part I: Mere longevity is a good thing for those who watch life from the sidelines. For those who play the game, an hour may be a year, a single da...

I am back, Part I

Mere longevity is a good thing for those who watch life from the sidelines. For those who play the game, an hour may be a year, a single day's work an achievement for eternity."
--Gabriel Heatter,

Cheers All,

Very happy to be back and let you in on what happened to me since my last post. I know it wasn't the smoothest move to drop one "confusing" line after hurricane Sandy and disappear for a month. But once I tell you what happened last month, you'll understand the reason for my MIA.

So remember the post where I mentioned big changes coming my way? I wasn't kidding. The changes exceeded even my own expectations. My whole life took an unexpected turn, and everything changed. Everything. 

It all started in September, when summer was coming to an end, and I started getting restless about approaching winter and not being able to go to the beach on the weekends. What can I say, last summer spent on Long Beach made me truly fall in love with it. After 11 years, I was ready to say good bye to my first love (NYC), and move on to my 2nd.

That's how I decided to move to Long Beach. I'll give you all a few seconds to digest, as I know you'll need it. Yes, leaving New York was shocking to all, even myself...  But I was determined. I was ready to kiss the city good bye and move to the City by the Sea. 

Over the summer, I made quiet a few friends on Long Beach, and finding a perfect place right by the beach was the easiest thing. I was excited, counting days before my move, going out with friends, saying good buy to my New York.

But sometimes life has its own plans for us that we have no control over. My move was on October 28th, the day before Sandy hit the Northeast. Did I hear about a hurricane coming our way? Yes. Did I care about mandatory evacuation? No. I moved to Long Beach. I was happy, sitting on the boardwalk watching surfers catching the biggest waves I'd seen in my life. The most beautiful experience for me. Even when reporters from the Fox 5 news said that we should evacuate as it would be the biggest storm in NY's history, I didn't care. I was home.

The next day, Sandy came. And you know what happened. You saw the news. Well, I was there, I saw it live, I lived it. In fact, I was on the boardwalk, taking pictures and videos, right when the ocean broke through the gate, and made it to the streets. I ran for life, with water up to my knees and rising, and wind blowing so hard I doubted I would make it home. Was I scared? No. I was fascinated by the nature, and its force. How foolish of us to think that we are in charge here on Earth...

Somehow, I made it home. All my neighbors stayed in, and were having a "Sandy" party. But the next 4 hours became my life's Titanic. The water was getting higher and stronger. It made it to our building, it was rising by minutes. In an hour, everyone who lived on the lower level had to evacuate upstairs. Girls were saving some clothes, some things, as the water was streaming thru the doors and windows. 

I saw it approaching my level, and praying for the high tide, which was still 3 hours away. Standing on my balcony was like standing on Titanic, water was everywhere, surfing waves right outside my window and all around. I didn't panic, except for one moment when I called my friend Jonathan to ask to pray for me, and the reception was lost before I could hear him speak, and so was power around the island. We were cut off from the rest of the world. Exactly at 9pm we reached the high tide, and the ocean stood still. I don't remember exactly what happened next, I might have passed out. Just remember waking up the next day at 9am, and being surprised to see that the water receded back to the beach, leaving sand behind. We walked around the sandy streets, taking pictures of the damages Sandy caused. We were in a silent shock. That's how I spent the following two days, with no water, no power, no cell service, in complete oblivion. 

Don't ask me how, but on the 3rd day, I was able to make it back to the city. The shock of my personal experience was overshadowed by what I saw on the news. We were lucky to be alive.

To be continued...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Hi: long beach welcomed (kinda...) Sandy and let her go. We are ok now, dealing with consequences. I have pictures and videos to follow. Love to all on the coast and others who were affected.

Friday, October 26, 2012


As you know, I am a Big fan of quotes. I even write my own, and some of them I posted on here awhile ago. Those were more "naughty" in nature. Those were the days :)
However, since now I am going thru a serious transformation in my life, the recent quotes I want to share with you, reflect it pretty well. They are less hip but still definitely reflect who I am and what I believe in. Hope you'll enjoy them. And once again let me remind you, they are simply my personal statements based on experience, observation and reasoning. They are neither facts nor indisputable truths.

1) I stopped saying "Never" because it doesn't exist.

2) The only way to personal freedom is to take responsibility of your life.

3) Freedom can only be attained inside. The problem is very few can hear it.

4) Love is completely self-afflicted, and so are expectations that come with it.

5) It's harder not to say Anything than to say Something smart. *(my favorite).

6) Don't listen to anyone. For no one knows anything before faced with the situation that requires similar attention.
7) Mouth diarrhea should only be allowed and justified when comes from a comedian.

8) I don't understand abstinence from sex. This is the reason we exist.

9) Whatever it is we desire, the underlying goal is always freedom.

10) The fastest way to peace is to limit time spent with friends.

11) Girl-friends should be fun. Nothing more, nothing less. Everything else is drama.

12) The only time we feel free with another is during sex.

13) Don't put anyone first. It's the responsibility most people can't handle.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Cheers All,

Just dropping a quick one here.

Yes, it's been the busiest time at work. Yes, it's been the busiest time in my life. And yes, it's been the busiest time for my Soul, you know, the searching, the longing, the belonging stuff :)

Anyway, the time is grand, the changes are coming. And next week, is the first one. Promise to shock you all. But hang in there, it's very exciting, at least it is for me.

Nite all. Talk soon, and can't wait to share the first news in mere few days!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Speed of life

Cheers all!

Well first, let me tell you, it's been some serious transitional period in my life. Not only have I been MIA with my blog(s), I've been withdrawing from many other things/activities I used to do. Basically, I've been doing thorough inventory of my day-to-day life, surroundings, activities, and people in my life.
It's important to do as we grow, and it's absolutely necessary to do IF we want to keep growing in a positive way. Something I've neglected for awhile.

The result: I've got my focus back, and I mean it. It's when I am focused on bigger things I need to do, and everything else that hinders my progress has to go. Let distractions go, let drama go, let people who create problems/drama go.
Harsh? Yes it is. But necessary if one wants to be successful in her journey. There is some wisdom to why the most glorious beautiful bird Eagle travels alone. Just think about it. In order to keep inner peace, sharp focus on your dreams, and stay on track with your visions, you need to go solo most of the time, and definitely stay away from outside distractions. Plus be extremely careful who should be let in.

Another way to put it, it's being IN the world but not OF the world. I'll talk about that one in a greater detail another time.

Anyway, as usual, whenever I retract from unnecessary outside noise (as much as it's possible in NYC) I am always blessed with wise and meaningful discoveries. And here is one I would like to share with you tonight.

During my yoga class last Monday, I realized how short and fleeting our lives on Earth are. Really think about it, if you compare each person's life to the life of the Universe, it's like a second, maybe less. It's as if we had only one day to live! That's what it is just one day of our lives compared to the lifetime of the Universe and everything that has and will exist. I know it's mind blowing if you really go deep into this. But just realize that it's really that short and all we have is 1 day to live, and then we go back to infinity.

How would you live that one day then? What would you want to do in those 24 hours? How would you feel and act? Who would you want to be with? What people would you like to have in your life?
I am pretty sure, if considered seriously, everyone's answers would be about love, joy, happiness, peace, fun, adventure. No one would care about dramas, problems, negativity... for it wouldn't be worth it. We would know that it is going to end pretty soon, and all we can do is enjoy it as much as we can, use any little opportunity that comes our way.

The most amazing thing about all this is that it really is the case. But for some reason, we humans, think that we have eternity to live, and there is a long road ahead. It amazes me how people say "There is always another day". Well the truth is there isn't. Today is the only day, and tomorrow might never happen.

We need to see it and understand it. Only then does every day become a true blessing, an opportunity to follow your dreams, to find happiness in everything that happens, to focus on what's important.
Please think about it, life is a chance to experience yourself to the fullest. Why not start today.

My love to You:) and sorry for MIA. it's a necessary process :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New York in Pictures

Here are some shots of the last days of the Summer in the city. Oh, how I'll miss long walks around the city, concerts in the parks, outdoor dining, eating frozen yogurt outside, open-toe heels, summer dresses and fireworks (which were abundant this summer for me).

The High Road

-- To be a man is, precisely, to be responsible. -Antoine de Saint-Exupery

-- The price of greatness is responsibility. - Winston Churchill

Quick note: this is an inspirational post. Not a desert serving, but a direct message on how to live life authentically.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about people and what trait I absolutely require from myself and those who want to be present in my life. It's responsibility. Simple? Not really, and, for some reason, underestimated in our world. 
Now, responsibility has a broad meaning but no matter how you look at it, it always entails strength, acceptance, courage and character. The highest level of the trait, for me, is when one takes responsibility for his/her own life. Yes, it's easy-breezy when everything is going well and to our liking. But the highest and most freeing way is to take responsibility for Everything that happens, be it good or bad.

It's that knowledge and acceptance that we attract everything that happens to us, either consciously or subconsciously. Not being able to accept this truth is the weakest way to live life. It's always one's choice which way to go: take the higher road and have power over your life, or take the lower one and never have freedom. I always choose the former, and encourage those around me to do the same. Some don't like it, and disappear from my life. Some embrace it, and join me. And some are already living it with me.

I inspire you to be free. Take charge, take responsibility.

Friday, September 21, 2012


This is from my series about my serious obsession with Bergdorf's window display. This month, they are celebrating a 111 year anniversary. Happy Birthday BG, and Thank You for 111 years of amazing creativity, really at its best!