Thursday, October 18, 2012

Speed of life

Cheers all!

Well first, let me tell you, it's been some serious transitional period in my life. Not only have I been MIA with my blog(s), I've been withdrawing from many other things/activities I used to do. Basically, I've been doing thorough inventory of my day-to-day life, surroundings, activities, and people in my life.
It's important to do as we grow, and it's absolutely necessary to do IF we want to keep growing in a positive way. Something I've neglected for awhile.

The result: I've got my focus back, and I mean it. It's when I am focused on bigger things I need to do, and everything else that hinders my progress has to go. Let distractions go, let drama go, let people who create problems/drama go.
Harsh? Yes it is. But necessary if one wants to be successful in her journey. There is some wisdom to why the most glorious beautiful bird Eagle travels alone. Just think about it. In order to keep inner peace, sharp focus on your dreams, and stay on track with your visions, you need to go solo most of the time, and definitely stay away from outside distractions. Plus be extremely careful who should be let in.

Another way to put it, it's being IN the world but not OF the world. I'll talk about that one in a greater detail another time.

Anyway, as usual, whenever I retract from unnecessary outside noise (as much as it's possible in NYC) I am always blessed with wise and meaningful discoveries. And here is one I would like to share with you tonight.

During my yoga class last Monday, I realized how short and fleeting our lives on Earth are. Really think about it, if you compare each person's life to the life of the Universe, it's like a second, maybe less. It's as if we had only one day to live! That's what it is just one day of our lives compared to the lifetime of the Universe and everything that has and will exist. I know it's mind blowing if you really go deep into this. But just realize that it's really that short and all we have is 1 day to live, and then we go back to infinity.

How would you live that one day then? What would you want to do in those 24 hours? How would you feel and act? Who would you want to be with? What people would you like to have in your life?
I am pretty sure, if considered seriously, everyone's answers would be about love, joy, happiness, peace, fun, adventure. No one would care about dramas, problems, negativity... for it wouldn't be worth it. We would know that it is going to end pretty soon, and all we can do is enjoy it as much as we can, use any little opportunity that comes our way.

The most amazing thing about all this is that it really is the case. But for some reason, we humans, think that we have eternity to live, and there is a long road ahead. It amazes me how people say "There is always another day". Well the truth is there isn't. Today is the only day, and tomorrow might never happen.

We need to see it and understand it. Only then does every day become a true blessing, an opportunity to follow your dreams, to find happiness in everything that happens, to focus on what's important.
Please think about it, life is a chance to experience yourself to the fullest. Why not start today.

My love to You:) and sorry for MIA. it's a necessary process :)

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