Monday, February 17, 2014


Just because I am a woman...

1) All women have an obsession, be it shoes, purses or jewelry. For me it's lingerie. What can I say, I am very private.

2) I learned not to trust most women. They change their minds, they are unpredictable. I am woman, I know.

3) The hardest relationships I had were with women. And let me add, I am not a lesbian.

Just because I am not a man...

4) A man could be a good friend to a woman as long as she is willing to believe that they are just friends.

5) Men will never understand women intuitively. And thank God!

6) In the end, it's still women who hold the cards in a relationship. Not because we have a better poker face, but because we ourselves don't know what those cards mean.

Just because I am a New Yorker...

7) New Yorkers are not rude. It's just that we are always short on time, and being rude/ignorant is more time-efficient.

8) We, New Yorkers, are not afraid of commitment. Living in the city is a relationship of its own which leaves us hardly any time to explore any other relationships.

9) It truly is a "Love-hate" relationship with New York. Fortunately, those are consistently balanced. Just when you think you can't take it anymore, something amazing happens, and vice versa. It's high and low on fast forward.

10) New York is bigger than life. Nothing and no one owns it. New York owns us. When you come here, it's not about you anymore, it's about New York.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Doubt: friend or foe?

If you ask me what is a silent killer of any relationship or any dream, I'll tell you it's a doubt.
Naturally, I dislike the feeling, it's the hardest to shake off, it creeps up on you and, if not uprooted, will ultimately erode the foundation of any creation.
The truth is we all face doubt at some point, be it in a relationship, work or any other life area.

The question is how to deal with it?

I wish I had a perfect answer that would apply to all. I don't. Yet I am willing to make an effort and look for a solution. Sometimes just a search for it is already half of a solution.

First, I want to answer Can doubt be good at all? Could it help us see something that we don't want to see? Could it be an indicator of an issue we are trying to avoid?
If we are still not sure, can we turn to trust? Trust could be the best cure for doubt. But how do you know that the prescription of trust is the right one, and not just a temporary pain killer to subside the pain? And if it's the soul that is hurting (which most likely it is) will it swallow any "prescription" to just numb the pain?

Not a big fan of artificial sedatives in any situation, I want to find a natural cure for the soul.

Trust is good but it's still a forced feeling that depends on outside factors, it's fragile. I want to be cured from within. I want to be healed eternally.

What clearly comes to me is Love. I think my soul just whispered it to my heart. Love is natural, it's the core of our being, of life itself. When love is embraced, all pain is gone. Love soothes the soul from within as an internal, inborn light. Loving yourself first, embracing your fears and doubts, letting them phase in the light of love, letting the light shine through you, loving others. Letting the healing light of love wrap you holistically, and surround you protectively but open you lovingly. It's always within waiting to rescue. It's like an emergency care that never sleeps, that rushes when called. We just need to remember the number to call. The soul knows the number, it's dying to call it. We just need to remember. We just need to surrender.