Friday, October 26, 2012


As you know, I am a Big fan of quotes. I even write my own, and some of them I posted on here awhile ago. Those were more "naughty" in nature. Those were the days :)
However, since now I am going thru a serious transformation in my life, the recent quotes I want to share with you, reflect it pretty well. They are less hip but still definitely reflect who I am and what I believe in. Hope you'll enjoy them. And once again let me remind you, they are simply my personal statements based on experience, observation and reasoning. They are neither facts nor indisputable truths.

1) I stopped saying "Never" because it doesn't exist.

2) The only way to personal freedom is to take responsibility of your life.

3) Freedom can only be attained inside. The problem is very few can hear it.

4) Love is completely self-afflicted, and so are expectations that come with it.

5) It's harder not to say Anything than to say Something smart. *(my favorite).

6) Don't listen to anyone. For no one knows anything before faced with the situation that requires similar attention.
7) Mouth diarrhea should only be allowed and justified when comes from a comedian.

8) I don't understand abstinence from sex. This is the reason we exist.

9) Whatever it is we desire, the underlying goal is always freedom.

10) The fastest way to peace is to limit time spent with friends.

11) Girl-friends should be fun. Nothing more, nothing less. Everything else is drama.

12) The only time we feel free with another is during sex.

13) Don't put anyone first. It's the responsibility most people can't handle.

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