Monday, May 27, 2013

Keep Paddling


As some of you know I'm in Hawaii right now. That's right, finally I am taking my well-deserved, extremely needed vacation. I've been here for about a week, and have been able to relax but also learn many different lessons that I know will carry me through life going forward.

Today, I want to share some of the lessons I learned from surfing. Sadly, I didn't have a chance to surf a lot (next time for sure!). Still, the experience was so amazing that only few in life could be compared.

Lessons from surfing:

1) Don't let fear stop you, keep paddling.

First, I was a little scared. I don't believe whoever says it's the easiest thing in the world. It is not. It takes courage and faith. Courage to get in the cool deep water with waves. Faith in nature and the Universe to be cooperative.
I had butterflies in my tummy, but I went in. Butterflies turned into a healthy adrenaline and I got excited.
Same thing with life. We let fear stop us from living full, enriching life. And what for? Fear stops us from having the most amazing experiences in life.
From now on, I'll do what I did with surfing: I'll go in the water despite any fear.

2) Catch a wave, take chances.

Catching a wave is the most challenging part, and not every one will come to fruition. But not catching it is not worth trying. Again, same thing in life, what is life if we don't take chances? Go for it, make your move!

3) You will fall. This is part of learning.

To surf is to learn how to fall. Let me add, how to Graciously fall. It's inevitable. But once you fall a few times, you look at it differently. You get comfortable falling. Then catching a wave is so much easier, for you know how to fall if you have to.
In life, so what if we fail or don't succeed on a first or 2nd, or 3rd try? We are just building resistance, we are learning. It gets easier, as we get experienced.

4) Even if you fall, the board is there to get you up again.

As long as you're attached to the board, it's right there for you to climb on.
In life, no matter how lost or desperate we might feel at some moments, there is always something that gives us support, that gives us strength. Always. Even if it's just faith. But we are never left alone.

5) You will succeed if you stand strong and find your balance.

Once you're riding a wave, you need to get up and find your balance.
Couldn't be any more relevant to life. To have a fulfilling life we need to stand strong, we need to have balance.

And last but most fun:) Surfing is the closest thing to an orgasm. 'Nuff said!

Aloha to all!

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  1. Though I've never surfed, I love your advice. A lot of it applies to life, in general, though I have a feeling might have known that when you wrote it. :)