Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Building character

Cheers All!

Although I am generally happy with my personal development and the way it's going, there are still some areas where I have challenges. Not that I couldn't deal with them, I just never really wanted to or tried to. For some reason, I gave myself a slack on them. Kind of like using my "I'm a human, I make mistakes too" card.

And honestly, it seemed all normal to me to flip out or lose my cool over certain situations. They would pass, and I would be back to my "highly spiritual" self. So they didn't seem like a big deal, except for the annoyance they caused in my life.

So since I got back from Hawaii (where I was at complete bliss with myself) I had been doing great. But it was easy. Everything was going smoothly, I had no problems.
However a couple of days ago, I was presented with one of those situations that would flip me out. Nothing serious, just inconvenience or annoyance with others (let's leave it at that).
On autopilot I lost my cool. And you know what happens when you lose your cool? I think it goes the same way for everyone. Other things fall out of order, more irritating issues come up, and you get angrier and angrier, to the point you are ready for a week long yoga retreat...
So for a day and a half, I was a madman (well a madwoman in this case, but who wants to associate madness with a woman?:).
And then I started thinking crazy stuff about other things in my life, cause that's what happens when you're not at peace inside. And let me tell you, our minds will jump on it, and go on a wild ride that is very risky and hard to stop.
I had to do something quickly. So yesterday after yoga, meditation, reflection, etc. I realized I didn't have to react to those irritating situations this way. Basically, I'd look at them from the outside, and keep my emotions completely at bay. Just observe them, if you will.
As soon as I realized it, my mind stopped racing, my heart slowed down, and I was able to smile again. But it's not all, it gets better. Then I realized, I didn't actually do anything wrong, so there was no reason for me to be so hard on myself and go through unnecessary stress. I don't have to please everyone, especially because pleasing someone is usually driven by our ego. If we are true to ourselves and respectful of others, there should not be a situation where we need to go out of our way to please someone. It serves purpose to no one.

So happy to admit that this time, I finally got it. And what a relief, for those situations will present themselves now and then. It's life. But it takes a real character to remain calm and collected, and most importantly, stay true to yourself.
 Love to All!

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