Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Yorkers' Pastime

Cheers all,

Even those who've never been to NY are aware that entertainment in the city is ridiculous. And it is, there are too many options and ways to spend precious free time.
In fact too many, that most time-strained New Yorkers (which is 90% of the population) simply don't do anything in their spare time. That is except for going out and drinking. As unoriginal as it sounds, this is New Yorkers' favorite pastime.
As already stated in my previous post, we start early in the week and Friday being the most drinking night of the week.
Here are some shots from my last Friday.

P.S. Since the heat wave is back in the city, my friend and I found a nice little pool (@ DL) where we could cool our feet. Last shot is a fountain at Lincoln Center, which was a refuge for many during the heat on that night.

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