Friday, July 27, 2012

Germs in the City

Apparently besides many other "unnecessary objects", there is an abundance of germs in the city. As if NY didn't have enough.

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate to spend quality time with a famous microbiologist from Canada, Jason Tetro. Known as a "Germ Guy", Jason specializes in germs and their impact on us, people. One thing Jason noticed that was very striking about NYC, is abundance of germs everywhere.

We met at a social event, a movie premier to be exact, and spent some time socializing before and after with many other New Yorkers. What I overlooked (or simply didn't pay attention to), Jason noticed and made a note of. People around were sneezing, sniffing, and basically carrying a lot bacteria with/on them. When Jason asked me about it, I wasn't any disturbed. I guess I got used to seeing this, and having people with some kinda "bug" around me all the time.

Jason didn't give up on the subject, even though I assured him it was no big deal! As a result, as soon as he got back to his native Ottawa, he wrote all about it and posted it on The Huffington Post, where he is a contributing writer. Please check it out here:

Since we connected very well (what we would say "clicked"), I contributed to his article. Thank you!!

Most importantly after our conversation, I started paying closer attention to other, least pleasant, aspects of NY, and was surprised to see how many of those we do have. The most disturbing part is how used we are to them, that we don't even pay attention and never think of consequences. Here are some shots of New York that is less glamorous. As I said when launching this blog, I'd show you New York, good and bad, and here is the bad part of it.
A pile of garbage on 5th Ave, 6pm, Tuesday. Just notice that it's as high as a man passing by in the background.

N/R train station in Flatiron area. NY has the most disgusting subway in the world. No competition.

No, it's not what you think.. This is also a pile of garbage by Lincoln Center. Camera couldn't take it all.  Every day is a new pile. not a day without it. You'll see one on each block. No joke.

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