Friday, July 27, 2012

Guys behind the scenes

A few weeks ago, an extremely rare opportunity presented itself. I had a chance to spend quality time alone with 4.5 guys on their boat, on FIre Island. First, let me explain 4.5. One of the guys was drunk asleep, making few noises now and then. Common scene really, as I figured out. The rest of the guys, although drinking the whole night, were in a decent condition.

Second, let me explain Why and How I ended up with 4.5 guys on the boat! Please don't rush with your conclusions! It's not what it seems :)

Basically, during our visit to the famous Fire Island (please read about it on my sister blog NY Life), my girl-friend met a guy she liked, and they hit it off. As the night was progressing, and I started making some suggestions (only suggestions) about leaving the Fire Island and going back home, she got all sad.. "Such a nice guy, and we have to go?" Not surprisingly, he turned out a team player, and invited us to his friend's boat. Quick fact: the boat belongs to twin brothers, and other guys are chipping in to use the facilities.

Once we established that I didn't want to "hook up" with anyone (the question I was asked right away!) the guys let me be. Although attempts were made during the eve/night, I made it clear that everything would be nicely described on my blog with a great detail. That was enough to keep them straight all night, and most amazingly, be themselves around me.

The night progressed as follows: guys drinking bear, smoking w**, getting off the boat, getting back on with people they met inland. People coming and going. Traffic didn't stop for a few hours. I was on the boat the whole time, and so was my girl-friend with her guy. The rest of the guys would come and go. When they realized I appreciated their sense of humor, they spent more time entertaining me instead of making trips to the bar inland. It was a stand-up comedy live, all for me! I felt special :)

As you assume the traffic to the boat consisted of lots of girls, all kinds, pretty, not pretty, drunk, not drunk. As I was watching all this, I was waiting for "something" to happen. You know, something you'd expect guys with a boat would do. Good looking guys, let me add. One of the "ladies" tired of waiting, started blatantly hitting on one of them. He stayed unamused.

I was waiting, all excited to get some juicy material for my blog. When again will I have such an opportunity to witness firsthand how guys get girls? and in such a classic scenario: Fire Island, expensive boat, good looking self-confident, successful guys..

So imagine my shock when they simply decided to call it a night, and stay in, guys only. Except for me, of course.. They locked the door and pulled up the ladder to make sure there would be no more visitors, and showed me who they really were.
That night I learned who guys really are, behind the scenes with no one around..

First, they made fun of each other, saying silly stuff and no one got offended. And the more we laughed, the more they joked about each other.
Once we decided who sleeps where (I was even given a clean T-shirt and the only blanket available), they put on "Flavor Flav", and one by one we fell asleep to watching a funny comedian. It felt like home. When my girl-friend decided to check on us, she was shocked to see such idyll. The guys who were partying just awhile ago, were peacefully lying, watching TV all alone.

What I learned that night: Guys are much more innocent and simple than we think. They don't always just want to get girls, and/or get laid. Yes, they want to have fun, they want to get out there, and get some attention. But at the end of the night, they just want to be comfortable with their buddies, have some laughs, have some body reactions (we girls would never have in presence of anyone), fall asleep and sleep like babies.
And most importantly, they just want to be funny! Being very giggly by nature, not only did I fit in, but let them be the best they could be :). Final verdict: every guy secretly wishes to be the funniest. I couldn't be happier, as sense of humor is one of the 3 qualities I need in a man to make it to my heart. Good for you guys!

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