Tuesday, July 24, 2012

NY in pictures

I've always been into architecture. As much as I love the nature, I am just as amazed with what human hands can create. NY city is abundant with architectural gems. The most amazing thing is, however, a juxtaposition of different styles and forms. Basically, the trend is in line with city's diversity.

 Most of the city is crowded with tall buildings that are closely spaced. It makes it so much harder to capture any or all of them in one shot. But it's the beauty of this architectural mosaic that makes it so New York.  

View from the rooftop at my office building, taken during our Summer outing last week. I love a juxtaposition of the colonial style with the Empire State bldg above.

8 1/2 Building in Midtown. One of my favorites. I've been trying to get a full shot of it for years! The shape is so beautiful, when looking up, I always feel as if I am about to fly all the way up.

Remodeling of LMVH has been finalized, and what a surprise. Original, creative.

Columbus Circle. Another one of my favorites. Allegedly, D.Trump build his property and the globe (in pic) in this area as it's considered the most feng shui place in the city.

Last week, I (and many New Yorkers) were pleasantly surprised with the fireworks above the Central Park.

Flatiron area. Cloudy sky is rare in NYC, that day it looked magical, almost unreal.

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