Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend getaway

Hey there,

The weekend is over and I feel pleasantly tired. After all the sun and drinking, you know :)

Being a typical New Yorker, I love to get away from the city on the weekends, especially in the summer. We just can't wait to pack our beach bags, change into swimsuits, and spend the whole day in them.
The closest getaway place from the city is Long Island. And no, I am not going to talk about the Hamptons, will save it for another time:).

I'll share the quickest and easiest way to get away for the most of us, mere mortals. Take the LIRR from the Penn Station to Long Beach, and in less than an hour, you're at one of the nicest beaches on the East Coast. Really, besides the Hamptons and Fire Island, this is my favorite beach in NY. It's not as crowded as other beaches on Long Island and has a lot of nice places to hang out, eat and drink. Very important to me :)

So next time, you want to leave your beloved city for a day, just take the train (please don't drive to avoid sitting in traffic for hours) to Long Beach, put your sexy on, and have some sun/fun. You desperately need it after spending the whole week in the office.

Here are some shots from my weekend. See ya all there next weekend:)

P.S. Don't worry about finding it once you arrive. Just follow the crowd (which is the whole train) and in less than 10 min walk, you are right there!!
New Yorkers have arrived

Invasion has begun

Necessary addition to the sun!


  1. Little things make me happy: a sunny day, a great book, a new post by my favorite blogger. I find not many people truly appreciate life. Vast majority is running forward daily routine, drinking themselves stupid as of Thursday. By Sunday they are exhausted to the point of not remembering own name. The next thing, Monday morning, once again, lots of cranky grey unsatisfied mass...
    Luckily, not all. There are still some who work hard, and do enjoy their scarce leisure to the fullest. They make their priorities to get out of polluted boxes of a city. Whatever destination they choose - it is already a winner, because it is the effort that counts. Any change of scenery is healthy, new surrounding will define the mood, & therefore, the senses.
    It does not even matter, whether one leaves for a day or two, perhaps, for a few hours. The results of such a simple outing develop a radiant glow, calm one's feeling of urgency. More than anything, an escape will ensure your thoughts remain in major chord for a little while.

    1. Baby, you have to come here. we'll have many of those little things that make us happy. You'll be a welcomed addition to New York Life!!