Friday, June 22, 2012

We survived

Nite all,

Just wanted to inform those who worried how we were baking in the NYC for the past two days that we survived the heat. It finally rained today, and within an hour, the temperature dropped by 20 degrees to the level considered acceptable by the NY standards.

But let me tell you that was one serious heat wave, must have come all the way from Jamaica. I certainly realized it when on my way home last night, I stopped at Victoria's Secret (VS).. pssst, it's a Secret!
I know I am risking my reputation here, for those who've been following my other blog, are fully aware, I am a La Perla (or other European brand) gal all the way. For me, VS is like wine sold at a drug store.
But lo and behold, last night, I paid my visit to the VS on 57th.  Let me assure you, I was under the heat wave so big that only this evening after the rain fell on Manhattan did I realize where I shopped the night before.

Whatever happened, last night I walked out from VS with one piece of clothing: swimming suit bottom. And it looks delicious!! I am impressed. I guess "Never say never" holds true in all cases.

Here are some images of NYC before, during and after the rain.

 P.S. Last two shots are of me (under the heat influence), having fun at VS and a new bikini in my swimsuit collection.

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