Thursday, June 21, 2012

My New Blog

Cheers all,

As promised (and you know I always keep my promises), I launched a new blog called "New York Life". Very excited about it really. I guess that's how people feel when launching new business, or new product.. amazing sensation..

Anyway, the idea was born two weeks ago, and two days ago, it came to life. Only one post so far, but it will be a more regular and up-to-date blog than "your beloved" NY Love, as I intend to write somewhat on a daily basis about our city, good or bad. The idea is to make it very vivid, so that those who don't live in the NYC (the least fortunate of us) can experience it as if they do.  And for the ones who are fortunate, to discover it all over again. We, New Yorkers, have a love-hate relationship with the city, and very often take it for granted.
I believe the idea to start this blog actually came due to my recent complaining how tired of the city I was, and how I want to move some place else, blah, blah, blah... So let me tell you, once I got on the project and began paying more attention to the city, I started falling in love with it all over again. It's a truly amazing city, and we are one lucky bunch to be its residents.

So rekindle your love with the city that always takes you as you are, and get excited all over again to be living here. And for those who've never been here or don't live here, welcome to experience it thru me and other New Yorkers. I promise you it will be as real as it gets, since being real is a true essence of living here.

One more promise here: I'll still keep this blog (NYL) active and give it as much attention as before, as long as I am in search for true love. So no worries:)
Yet let me welcome you to my new beginning and invite you to partake in a wonderful experience what we call Life, i.e. New York Life.

P.S. the link to New York Life is on the left bar.

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