Thursday, June 21, 2012

Heat in the City

Cheers All,

Let me tell you, it's been two hot days in the city, a heat wave really. The temperature has been in the upper 90's but felt like in 100's. Having spent most of these days in the freezer (the office), I still did manage to take a walk home and as always NY didn't fail to impress me. It can be 20 or 100 degrees outside, the life goes on!

As I was walking through the streets of midtown and the Central Park, I was reminded once again what it is that inspires me about the NYC the most. It's its spirit. When most people would be sitting inside next to the cooler, we, New Yorkers, go about our business as usual.
Being a fitness fanatic myself, I am especially inspired by those running/working 
out in the park, in this heat. Here are some shots I took during my walk: Central park mostly.

I was also amazed with the way the sunset was revealing itself to me thru the sky scrapers, three shots with a glimpse of the setting sun.. the last shot is of my gym (what can I say, I still need the comfort of cool air when I am running...)

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