Wednesday, June 27, 2012

After work

Cheers all,

Whoever said that Americans are not big drinkers, hasn't met New Yorkers. I know we are a nation of its own here, but still... Starting Tuesday (for many even Monday) a few drinks after work is mandatory. To take pressure off, you know.

The most popular places in midtown (where many offices are located) are Beer Bar and restaurants in and around the Grand Central. If you want to find the Corporate America (CA), head there after 6pm.

I'll cover other parts of the city where the CA is taking their edge off, but for now, enjoy a few shots of those working in midtown.

P.S. The guy with a cigar in the last pic is one of those "lucky ones" who work past 10-11pm. Having been in his place for a long time myself, I'm way too familiar with his situation. As some are leaving for a day at 6pm, he's taking a break before another 4-5 hours to go.


  1. All's true! We even sing collectively, "Happy Thursday to you" referring to the week-end kicking in as of lunch on Thursday. And Im not an American, but I feel I am a part of the same nation (:

    As for the guy on the last picture, my dear Sasha, the dude is waiting for me. Yes, I promised we would catch an early bird at the BeerBar; being a natural blonde, I am running late ((:


    1. Lol. Who was I waiting all those years?? don't tell me..