Monday, February 6, 2012

Ship has sailed

Having been doing yoga for almost a month, I've started seeing the magical benefits of it. Not only has my body become more alive and vibrant, my mind has started responding as well. Good ideas seem to be flowing easily and effortlessly.
Today during my practice I had the most genius vision yet.

The vision I had will be extremely beneficial to those who still think about their past relationships, partners who entered your heart but didn't exit even though no longer present in your life. For those who seem to be reminiscing about old flames and not being able to move on. We all have to believe in abundance of the Universe and it's eternal commitment to give us anything we desire as long as we are ready for it. You can't let in a new relationship if your heart is not free and ready to welcome a new love. No matter how beautiful and meaningful a relationship might have been it's in the past. And past is just a memory but if constantly reminded it takes control of the present and steals away from the future. I do believe that we need to release and believe that better and greater things will come along. Life is a journey and a short one. We need to be present to enjoy it to the fullest.

So here is my vision that you could all apply in order to release any past relationships and be ready to welcome a new partner into your life.

I imagined a beautiful island with palm trees, blue water and white sandy beach. There was a ship by the shore, white ship that was getting ready for a long journey. Then I saw all of the partners I let into my heart, the men who I would still think of and maybe deep down regret that it didn't work out. Maybe even think that there was still a chance with one of them, and especially the ones I didn't have closure with. They all boarded the ship and I knew that they were sailing far far away for good. That I would never see them again. I waived good bye, I even had tears in my eyes, I wished them all good luck and be happy wherever their journey takes them. I did it sincerely. Then as the sun was coming down over the ocean the ship went on its journey and out of my life, out of my heart.

I felt a tremendous sense of relief and so light that I could almost fly. I was happy. As I turned back I saw a beautiful resort with lots of lights, and people smiling at me. They drew to me and put pink flowers in my hair, they put on a red dress on me and lead me to the fire set up in the middle. Beautiful music was playing and we celebrated my liberation. I knew with the ending I started a new beginning...

That was a detailed scenario I experienced but you can vary it to your taste. The most important thing is to truly experience it, see it as clearly as watching a movie. I know it could be hard for many, so that's where yoga and meditation step in. At first you might feel lonely as you've got used to thinking of someone and having comfort in resorting to that person in hopes for love. But this imaginary comfort is exactly what's keeping you from letting in new love and perhaps the most important love of your life. Also it's important to let go off any hurt and resentment. It's important to forgive all including yourself. No one deliberately wants to hurt anyone. Any relationship is a lesson for both and is a blessing for our soul's growth.
I wish you all good luck in your ending for I believe there is a beautiful beginning awaits each one of us. Namaste.


  1. It's amazing just how much the mind and body are interconnected. The mind affects the body; the body affects the mind. A yin/yang kind of circular flow. Yoga seems to activate both.

    You made an incredibly important connection, the symbolic releasing of things that haven't been let go. This works not just for relationships, but for any emotional baggage you may have (like unresolved pain, anger, fear, etc).

    Are you taking a class or are you following a book/DVD at home?

    1. I actually go to live yoga classes at Reebok sports club. The teachers are fantastic, and I feel so in tune there that those liberating experiences occur almost every time I practice yoga. I'll share more of this and will encourage others to try it. Yoga is the most powerful practice to stay present and find balance in mind, body and soul. It lets you get out of your mind and let your ego go. Please give it a try. There are many guys doing it these days. And I am happy to see even macho guys coming to classes and giving it their best. Namaste