Friday, February 10, 2012

Online Dating, II

Just to recap: back in August-October of 2011, I tried online dating. Mission: 3 dates in 3 month. Not my most ideal way of meeting the love of my life, I still felt that I needed to try it just for the sake of an experiment, to show the Universe that I was trying:)

1st date was a nice try.. and next week I was ready to meet my date 2. Unlike the first guy, Tim had a lot of pictures in his profile showing that he wasn't only capable to lift me up (if opportunity ever presented itself:), but was a very active guy indeed. Here he is surfing in Costa Rica, here he is in a standing split pose (yoga pose) in Thailand, here he is dancing at a charity event, etc. Got it, you have my attention, let's meet.
He arranged the place, he called me to confirm, he was being on top of things. That's the way I like it, I felt excited. There might be something there... 
We meet, we feel relieved, why not? two good looking people who love life and love to smile. We talk a little bit about our passions, we talk a little bit about our lives, and then we talk A Lot about our love for Spain and Flamenco. 2nd date wasn't only an option it was a requirement. He already wanted to plan the whole month ahead. Me, not in a rush to give all my free time to someone I just met, taking it easy though. I needed to see, I needed to make sure. 
It's getting late, we say good bye, he says it was amazing and I am a breath of fresh air. I take it as a compliment, then take a cab and go home.
He calls me the next day to plan for the 2nd date. I'm cool about it. In the meantime I don't really get on the site as much. You see I only had 3 dates to play with so I just decided to take it one at a time. So I'm just going to see Tim again.
We meet Saturday night. Again he picks the place, Spanish tapas place with Flamenco dancing no less. I feel even more excited. That opportunity (if ever presented) seems more like a possibility:)
Anyway, I look hot, I look sexy, I look sophisticated (believe me it's a possible combination).
Well, let me tell you the only sparks that were flying that night were on a dance floor when the Flamenco dancer was tapping her shoes. As it turned out Tim and I simply didn't have any chemistry. The only passion we shared was Flamenco and anything that had to do with Spain. Good foundation but definitely not enough to even get us thru the 2nd date. I felt I was a shiny speed car, while he was a run down buick. Sorry for such a blatant and insensitive comparison but that's how it really felt and I am very good in my imagination department.
The best part: we simply said good bye and accepted with natural for both of us calmness and grace that it just wan't in cards for us. I'd never had such an easy end to a "2-dates" relationship. We even stayed friends on FB and wished each other good luck.

Ok, 2 dates in 3 weeks I was feeling tired and decided to take a break for awhile. I told you online dating wasn't my thing. 

Stay tuned for Date 3.

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