Sunday, November 20, 2011

à la française

You know your life has made a turn when you find yourself on a New York Sunday afternoon having brunch with a crowd of 8 French.
Exactly where I found myself this lovely Sunday afternoon, and let me tell you, not have only had I a good time, I've felt just as comfortable as I did the whole time I was in Paris 2 years ago.

First of all, in their unmistakable French way, they managed to find in NY a place that had the most perfectly cooked eggs Benedict and french fries, with linen covered tables and unlimited champagne. Secondly, they spoke French, exchanged sassy smiles, and used expressive hand gestures and I felt in my element.
Not to sound like a Francophile but I happen to feel at ease with the French and in France. Maybe it has to do with my European background or the fact that I was raised on French music and movies, whatever the reason, their language has always been the music to my ears. And whenever I hear about their famously arrogant attitude (even from the French themselves) I argue with passion that I've never encountered such.
Still today I've given more thought on my complete acceptance of all French and realized that it had to do with other than their perfect style, impeccable taste and natural sexiness. I believe it has to do with their absolute honesty. They say what they think, they mean what they say, they do what they mean. Whether one might find it pleasing or not, I respect it above all. Honesty of a character and actions that support it are admirable to me for one (though not the only) reason: I never have to second guess. I'd rather know the truth and straight to my face. The French not only know how to do it, they do it. Knowing that one means what one says and is not hesitant to say it doesn't turn me off. Quite the opposite, it builds on my trust and respect. Cheers to that.

Hope everyone had a lovely Sunday today in NY and everywhere else. 

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