Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Burning questions answered, Part II

This is a continuum of an active discussion with my male colleague on relationships and differences between men and women

Me: Is it ok to date several people at the same time?

Man: If you're just going out and spending time together, it's ok. But if you're sleeping with different people, it's not ok. Even if there is no agreement on going exclusive, as soon as you hit the sheets no man would want to share you with another.

My conclusion: Date as much as you want as long as there is nothing intimate. But once you become intimate with one guy the rest have to go. I've very often found myself in a situation when there was more than one man seeking my attention. I would take time and try to learn a little more about each one of them before making a choice. However my rule has always been: No matter how much I like all of them and see possibilities with any of them, the first one I became intimate with is the one I will choose. Name it a gut feeling or simple morals. Bottom line is that your body can't lie to you, listen to it and follow your instincts.

Also your body will always send you a signal whether this person is good for you or not.
If you're feeling at ease and your body is in a very relaxed and natural state, this person might be the match. If you're tense and just don't feel well though can't explain it, sit back and try to feel it more. Most likely that person is not right for you.
Same goes with intimacy. A good connection will always lead to a passionate and smooth sexual experience. There won't be awkward moments and forceful desires. The both will have a blissful connection and will feel satisfied in the midst and after the contact. If you feel that you need to fake a slightest reaction, stop. True passion is what you are after, don't lie to yourself.

I know I've digressed a bit, it's just so easy to get carried away with this :)
Bottom line: date, flirt, have fun. But your body is a temple, only special ones should have the privilege to have access to it. And if you listen to it, it will surely let you know who it should be.


  1. Our brain can play tricks, though:
    You Can and Will fall in love
    With an idea of Love as much as anything else.
    It's easy to do,
    Helps you feel safe..
    But as much as we wish we could,
    You can't force someone to love you.
    Sad, but entirely self-inflicted.

  2. Yes, agree with mind tricking us. As I stated in my post Sex and Sexuality, we women get attached to a sex partner due to a chemical. So if rushed into intimacy a woman might mistake her feelings for love. Happened to me and I paid a big price for it. Never again.