Monday, December 2, 2013

Anything Is Everything

Cheers All,

As most of you know, I am a big fan of yoga. The benefits are endless, but when I come across a teacher who touches my soul the experience is priceless. I see it as a true blessing.

Exactly that happened last week. I wouldn't say he was the best teacher in the world, but wisdom coming from him made me look inside and think. He shared many wonderful thoughts, but one of them touched me the most. While in my down-facing dog, he dropped a wisdom bomb on me. Literally. It resonated with me right away, it was a light bulb moment. Not to keep you in suspense any longer (just testing your patience), here it is:

"How you do anything is how you do everything."

Sounds simple at first, but not quite. I expect to some it might not make sense at all. Yet some would want to disagree. But if you dare to see the depth of this saying, you'll be able to connect the dots.

Let me explain. The teacher was originally referring to a yoga practice. Specifically, to simple poses, basics so to speak. And what he meant was how you do any pose (small or big) is how you do all of them. If you give your best shot with a simple mountain pose you will strive to do the best you can with any challenging pose. He went further and transcended this wisdom from yoga mat to life.

Really if you think about it, if you approach any small task with passion and determination, you most likely strive for that same passion in other areas in your life. And vice versa. If you don't care, and just do a half-a**ed job in some areas, most likely it is how you approach other areas in your life. People who are known to do their best with anything do it with everything.

I know some might disagree, but those who always strive to be the best they can be, know what I am talking about. They also know when they are not giving their best selves, and deep down they know they are cheating themselves. I know it too well. Always been the one who strives to improve herself, I am painfully aware when I am faking it. The feeling is so destructive to the soul that giving your best self is the not just a solution but the only answer.

And how I  do anything will ultimately lead to how I do everything (no matter what it is). That is why I wouldn't leave work at 5:57pm, why I wouldn't use excuses to call in sick, or work from home, why I wouldn't leave a yoga class during the final Shavasana pose, why I wouldn't promise unless I was 100% sure I'd keep it, why I wouldn't lie.
And it's simple, because my attitude towards anything will determine my attitude towards everything. those 3 minutes won't give me anything but a pathetic excuse for my personal weakness. If I take the low road in one area, how can I expect to ride the high road in another? It's the standard you hold yourself to that determines how you approach anything and everything.

Go beyond small and big. Go wholesome. Take the high road every time. 

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