Monday, July 1, 2013


Happy rainy Monday, my New Yorkers.

I was visited by my beloved quote muse this morning. Always a pleasant surprise. Here's what she whispered in my ear or should I say, to my soul:)

1) How can we believe we know someone, when it takes a lifetime to learn about ourselves.

2) First we need to understand ourselves to be able to understand the other.

3) It's accepting uncertainty and ever-changing nature that will help us go through life peacefully.

4) There is no such a thing as right or wrong. Everything is just an attempt to find ourselves.

5) Love starts with oneself, and the more we become the person we love the more possible it is to truly love another.

6) The biggest problem of all relationships is Ego. And that's what we need to tame first to have a happy one.

7) Ego is one of few things (if not the only) that make us richer when we lose it.

Love to all, and as always wishing you find love within first.

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