Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Love

Cheers lovers,

In this post, I would like to wish my blog a Happy Happy Birthday. It's 2 big years old!

Yes, exactly 2 years ago, I created NYL. It was the most exciting experience for me, and always felt very special. My blog has become a part of me, it's opened a window to my soul. I love you NYL.

If you recall, the purpose was to find true love in New York City. After somewhat disappointing experiences, I challenged myself to still believe...
But as I embarked on my journey, it became so much more. I shared most of my experiences with you, happy moments, big disappointments, ups and downs. I shared it all with no reservation. I wanted all (esp. my fellow New Yorkers) to be inspired to look for their own answers, to embrace the city (good and bad), to not lose hope, and most importantly let love in whatever way possible.

And the most amazing thing happened just 9 months ago. Last summer (2012), I reached my destination. I found the most important love of all, and shared it with you (
I realized that there is nowhere we need to look. It's already there, inside us. Love is inside all of us. We just need to see it, embrace it with all our hearts. Love is as deep as the ocean and it's inside you and me, and all of us. And that is the truth.
I am sorry if it sounds too New Age-y for some. But believe me, if you just keep on believing and doing your best, you'll find it one day as well. Trust me ;) For now, just know that it starts with You, Wonderful You!

So I found it. Not that I didn't know about it or didn't love myself, but it was only last summer that I finally got it. I realized, no matter where I am, who I am with, I always have my love for myself. This love is never changing, always there. It's more than enough, in fact, it's so huge you won't need to look for more. Quite the opposite, you'll want to share, give it to others.

Since then, whatever took place in my life was life. And I was living through all experiences in love I found within.

Just to sum it up, the following things happened:

1) Stopped looking for answers outside of myself. Now I look inside - it's all there. I listen to my soul, my inner voice that knows what's best for me.

2) Changed my living situation. I moved out from my roommate, and found a place for myself (and my Josephine) once again. And it never felt more like home!

3) Started listening to my body, and there was a lot it had to say. It resulted in mine cutting down on foods that didn't give me life, didn't give me energy. I'll write a separate post about it next. But watch out raw vegans, I am joining your club, at least half of the time :)

4) Canceled my gym membership to break the routine. I bought a bicycle, and started doing Kundalini Yoga. My mind, body and soul have never been this happy and alive!

5) Surrounded myself with happy and positive people.

6) and Many many other amazing things that made me move closer to my most authentic happy self.

And while I was going through all those changes, another most amazing thing happened. Love found me. Unexpectedly, quietly, and assuringly. I fell in love with the most amazing man I ever met. Will write about this in another post, for it surely needs to be a subject of its own :)

But for now, just believe me that once you embrace the love inside you, the most amazing love of another will join shortly. And if it can happen in NY it can happen anywhere....

Love to all.

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