Friday, May 11, 2012

Dating Game, IV

So that rainy Friday, I scored 2 eligible guys at my gym. God himself intended for me to write this blog :)

Michael, the Russian guy, hasn't only come across as persistent, he was persistent. He wasn't joking about hiking, and that's what we did the following day. I must say, he made it very easy for me: picked me up and everything. All I had to do is come downstairs and keep repeating to myself : the worst that can happen, I'll get a nice workout today.
His friends came along and for some reason everyone already assumed that we were an item. I didn't know that it was possible within a few hours of meeting someone new. Apparently, it was.
In any case, in the most traditional Russian manner, as soon as we arrived, all his friends settled in the nature with many bottles of beer and food. Thankfully Michael kept true to his word and the two of us embarked on a hiking trail. It was an intermediate trail, and no matter how much I resisted it, Michael had to lift me up here and there. I thought it was a bit of too much pre-mature touching for my taste. But I had no choice, I needed to get to the top of the mountain.

An hour and half later, we were sitting at the top (pic below). Either due to the fact that he had to lift me up and I had to hold on to his shoulders a few times (believe me it wasn't optional), or that we successfully got to the top, Michael started feeling entitled in entering my space. You know me, I am the most passionate gal in the whole New York galaxy, but helping me get to the top of the mountain isn't enough to light my passion. I need a day and a night and a whole cycle to let it out.

To keep my space and smoothly escape Michael's hands, I started taking pictures, talking to strangers, making chit chat with anyone around. Those Russian guys, just don't give you any space. Never mind that we met only about 20 hours ago...

I was home around 7pm, and couldn't wait to wash off the dust and sweat of an invigorating hike, and most importantly, Michael's hands. By 8pm, I was having sushi with J, and finally felt happy and safe. I guess hiking with a pushy Russian is simply not my element.

Next week, Michael wanted to see me every day. He crashed on my lunch with my girl-friends. He got upset I wouldn't ditch my girls to be with him. I was getting frustrated.
I have a life, and you are not a part of it just yet. You need to make your way there, no shortcuts, at least not for everyone.
Besides, I have a demanding job, fitness routine, girl-friends, wine friends, etc. I just met you, you can't expect me to just drop everything to be with you.

Still I had to give him a reason of a doubt. He was a good guy, we just weren't on the same wavelength. So I gave it a try for another week. The last drop was when I had to work late and he called me at work and started complaining that I was putting my job first. Seriously?

It was enough. I couldn't stand it anymore. I told him it wasn't a good timing for us, he called me weird. Whatever, I just couldn't wait to get out of his controlling grip and get back to my free life. Don't I live in a free country where space is valued and appreciated?

And just conveniently right then Amar called me and invited me out. I couldn't do that day, his answer: No worries sweetie, How about Friday or whenever is good for you? Mmmmm :) That's my kinda answer. So I happily added a date with Amar to my busy schedule. Stay tuned...

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