Monday, April 2, 2012


Cheers all,

Wanted to share with you one powerful practice you can do right away, and see instant positive results on your wellbeing and those around you.  

Last week, I read an inspirational letter from one of the yoga sites. The writer (sorry, don't remember her name) suggested saying "Namaste" to anyone crossing your path on a daily basis, be it someone close to you or a complete stranger. And especially to those not behaving the way you wish they would.

Namaste means: "The God/Goddess Spirit in me recognizes and honors the God/Goddess Spirit in you."
You know me, I always need to try it for myself to see if it really works. And so I did. Except for the weekend (will tell you later) the whole week last week, I would silently say "Namaste" to anyone I see. And let me tell you it's nothing short of a miracle. Of course, I am used to people being nice to me, at least not being mean that's for sure. But this time, everyone would light up and smile at me as if they were extremely happy to see me. People were being super nice to me, the way I always imagined they would be in my world. Who knew that I could actually create it in this physical world? and all I have to do is say and MEAN "Namaste".

True to myself (i.e. my curious nature), I spent some time thinking on how to explain this phenomena. And the easiest way I can put it is that we are all energy, and all our thoughts and feelings are energy waves that vibrate and resonate with others. Namaste is one of the most powerful energetic waves, something like the brightest sun ray on the most beautiful sunny day. It lights you up, warms your heart and fills it with love. The only rule is that you really have to mean it when you say it: The divine in me sees the divine in you. One small sentence, one powerful message. You need to believe in your own Divinity first, the one that is all loving and nourishing. Your Divinity can only see Divinity in others. It's forever accepting and loving. By acknowleding and accepting this truth, you see the world changing in front of your eyes.

I do realize that sometimes we are simply not in a place where it's easy to say and mean Namaste. But once you try it and see the immidiate results it will be so much easier to go back to it. In the end, you begin to see that it serves you much better. Indeed powerful practice: by seeing Divinity in others, they give their Divine to you.

Namaste :) 

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