Monday, February 20, 2012

Love your Diet

Today, I had an appointment with a nutritionist at my gym. Not that I needed it, it was complements of my gym and I decided to go for it just out of curiosity.
So basically, while we talked she was blown away with what I was telling her. It turned into a session of her asking me questions and making notes for herself. What can I say, I shared the secrets of my diet in the most passionate and inspiring way. Seeing how it got her so excited, I had to share it with you, my favorite people :)

First of all, I am size 2, athletic type, with weight fluctuation no more than +- 3pounds. What can I say, I still wear jeans from 7 years ago.
And my diet is: I eat whatever I want, whenever I want it. The only thing I don't eat is meat, for the same simple reason, I don't wear fir coats. I don't want to have animals killed. Anything else I eat and never look at calories. I eat chocolate every day. But I also eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I eat cheese and bread. I eat macaroons (French cream filled cookies), and I always put honey in my yogurt even if it has fruit in it. Basically, I listen to my body and give it whatever it wants and wherever it wants it. And if I don't feel like eating I don't even if it's a 5 star restaurant.

Years ago I read a great book on power of mind. I don't remember the title or the author but his idea was that what we focus on is what we bring into our lives. Hardly a new concept. But he used a diet as an example. He explained the reason why diets don't work. Because any diet makes one focus on food all the time. People think about it, they obsess about it, they fear it, they fight it. The result is poor diet choices and suffering which in the end results in more gained weight. He said if we took our minds off food and focused on something else, and only eat what our body tells us and whenever it requests it, we would never have to battle excess weight. Simply put, what you resist, persists. I was exhilarated to read it, as this is exactly how I do it.

I never worry about calories and if I want chocolate and ice cream, I go for the richest of all. I want to enjoy it. What would be the purpose of eating it if I don't enjoy it. The same reason, Europeans have no weight issue. They enjoy their foods, they never diet. Majority at least. I know I am from there and spend a lot of time there.

Of course, I am very active and work out almost every day. But still my diet is an envy of everyone in the office, since they see me eating whatever/whenever and not just sticking to 3 meals a day as most of them do. By the way, those who are more like me don't have weight issue. It's usually people who stress about food, count calories and talk about it all the time, that have weight problem.

I am not trying to make you follow my diet but if you are worried about your weight you might want to consider it as an option. Take your mind off food, focus on other fun things. And eat what your body is asking for, but be mindful, listen to it, don't ignore it. It knows what's best for you and will take care of you if you just listen.

Bon apetit.

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