Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bedtime ritual

If you like me, find it absolutely necessary to bring sensuality into your life on a daily basis then this post is for you.

Whether in a relationship or single, it's equally important to incorporate sensuality into your life. Especially when you're single, as we tend to completely avoid it at the time. Creating sensuality around yourself will in an instant make you feel frisky and excited. And then you notice how amazing it feels, and how much love is inside you.

I'll share one of the rituals I do every night when I am single (which I currently am:)
First of all, I always go to bed fresh and clean. Shower before bed is a must for me. Water is therapeutic and is the easiest (though overlooked) way to rinse off the day's energy, and rid your body of any negative vibes you might have picked up during the day. So take a shower consciously, feeling how all the negativity is washing away, the day is over and nothing matters but how you prepare yourself for the next day. Thank water for its wonders.

Always sleep in clean fresh sheets. I prefer white over all colors and they have to be soft and feel nice to my body. Your bed should be your sanctuary where your body, mind and soul rest and recharge for the day to come. Keep lights low, light up a candle right next to you and spend a few minutes staring at it. It's called candle meditation and should help you unwind your mind. Put on some sensual music. If you like to have a glass of wine, make it a small one, or really best to avoid any alcohol. I usually read something, or write my blog, or............

You can do something you enjoy very much, it's up to you:)

Basically, it's about creating sensuality around yourself and falling asleep with it. If done right, you're guaranteed sweet dreams and an easy awakening in the morning, which is the best way to start a day.

Sweet dreams:)

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