Friday, December 16, 2011

Consequences of "Burning Questions Answered, Part III"

In my last post, after a significant shock endured, I proclaimed that I would once again focus on Me, Myself and I. In the end, this is so much easier to handle than love matters..

True to myself, that is exactly what I've been doing. I've started thinking about my life and the future. But you would think It's Fantastic, right? Well let me tell you, my reaction to this question is the same as of an any man when asked by his woman "Where are we standing and Where is it going?" Yes, terrified and unsure, wishing this question never popped, and the conversation didn't just wait to follow. But it's out there and you know, as a strong and responsible human being, you'll have to face it eventually.
So as much as I'd rather shove it back and move carelessly and lazily with my life as it is right now, I am pondering on my answer. Yes, I am a strong one, and to my own fault.
Basically I've been spending most of my free time thinking on what to do with my professional growth. What is my new passion that would make me tick once again and occupy my busy mind? What is it that would keep me going even when I only had 4 hours of sleep and it's below 30F outside? What is it that would shift my mind from sex and relationships once again?
Believe me, I love my job (otherwise I wouldn't be doing it), but I don't think I've reached my potential, not even close. Naturally I believe that there is more that I have and would eventually do. Doesn't everyone?
In any case, I am glad that I am off the subject of love for awhile and back to my own self. Whatever happens in the meantime is life, but the rest is my own making. And that is, my friends, all and completely up to me :)

Everyone, enjoy your holidays: Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, etc. And remember it's your life first, and the rest is just an app that either makes your life easier or more complicated. Your choice. But it's you who decides what's more important. Cheers!

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