Thursday, August 25, 2011

One Thing I learned In All My Years...

Today I was hit with a quote muse. Literally, as I was walking home, I had to stop every 5 minutes to write each one down.
I know you might say You? Quotes? Yes, I am no Winston Churchill or Mark Twain but I was full of them today, they just attacked me. You can take them with a grain of salt, a smile, or even criticism. But quotes are just short statements of our principles, observations. We all have them and I encourage you to look for your own. Here we go, my quotes:

  • Most people are weak. The ones who say they are not, don't even have courage to admit it.

  • I am not afraid to be single. Sometimes I'm even looking forward to it so I'll be able to forget all the disappointments I incurred in a relationship.

  • All men want is just to sleep with you.. It's usually fine with me as we have that in common.

  • I have yet to meet a man who is a great lover and normal.

  • Great sex is the only reason I put up with a weakness in a man.

  • The only time a woman has a total control over a man is right after sex and before he realizes he is not on the Moon.

  • When a man orgasms, it's the end of a journey; when a woman does, a journey has just started.

  • The distinct difference between having sex with a man and pleasuring yourself is that a woman won't stop before she orgasms at least 5 times.

  • Most women are spiteful. That's why I prefer men as friends even though I know they all want to sleep with me.

  • People I admire the most are the ones who don't let others get to them.

  • Weren't it for my love for sex most men would just be friends I have dinners with.

  • I'd still choose to be a woman. At least we have make-up to make ourselves feel better.

  • Do all men cheat? No. Some of them are too scared.

  • Most men lie about three numbers: age, penis size and bank account. Women lie about one: how many orgasms they faked.

  • Never listen to an advice nor give one. Unless you're talking to yourself.

  • Women who are afraid to be single haven't learned how to orgasm on their own yet.

  • The only action men are never hesitant to take is to get their penis to action. And it's only because it has a mind of its own.

  • If there is only one thing I had to say.. To men: Don't underestimate women. To women: Don't overestimate men.

  • If you and your partner resort to kinky sex too often it means someone isn't getting off that often.

  • If a woman says Money isn't important, she is either lying or knows what great sex is. If a man says Money isn't important, it's either he could never make any or.. wait there is no Or.

  • Never go to a strip club with your man. You'll end up disappointed no matter what. If it's only disappointment you got out easy.

  • The only way I would get a tattoo, if I were unconscious. They turn me off.

  • The reason why I always smile is because I have difficulty crying.

  • Sarcasm is the last thing I resort to. It means I finally don't give a fuck.

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