Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How it all started or why I am here

I am not a professional writer nor even an aspiring one. I am fully aware of that fact and won’t try to pretend that I am not at some point or another. 
The reason I decided to start a blog (and once you are familiar with my stories you’ll know what I mean) is simply because I just couldn’t hold it in me anymore. I’ve always found that writing helped me clear my mind, sort out my thoughts, find the right answers, calm myself down and find focus. And the more complicated my life would get the more I would resort to writing. You see this is my outlet, this is how I release myself. 
I am a very impressionable person, always have been though tried to deny it for many years. I just thought it was an opposite of being strong, and I didn’t want anyone to have any doubt about my strength. After many years, when I stopped doubting myself and realized that I was a strong person indeed I finally accepted this simple truth. I feel everything, I feel how people feel, I feel how animals feel. I am an emotional sponge, absorbing other’s energies around me. Add to that my own feelings and emotions!  The only way to release all this and let myself breathe is to write. Paper has no judgment, no agenda. It is my outlet, it is my best friend. 
My name is Sasha Davidoff and I am not a writer. In fact, by day, I am a financial analyst with Minor in Math and a CPA license (stranger things happen). I think all my literary aspirations were buried once I came from Russia to the States as a transfer student in 2001. Long were gone my daily philosophical debates with other students from Law and International Relations I studied back in Russia. In NY, I met a totally different breed to socialize with that would influence my professional and somewhat personal development. I met people that wanted to work and make money. Why, I didn’t know. But everybody wanted to work and work and work more. As impressionable as I am (we established that already) I was drawn into the work mind state and enrolled into a Business program. I replaced classics with The Economist, and language classes with accounting and finance. 
However I could never replace my writing style. No matter what I did for a living, I would always write about what my heart’s focus, i.e. relationships, love and life. 
My inner voice speaks louder on the paper and i am glad to follow it wherever it takes me. On the paper. it has no limits, no judgement, no analysis. It is a stream of thoughts coming straight from my heart and soul. 
And I am inviting you to follow it.

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