Monday, January 28, 2013

Daily Inspiration

Hi All,

Last night I was feeling a little blue, restless if you will. You know those days, when you're not easily excited, and the world seems a little darker than usual? And you start questioning the reason and purpose of our mere existence?
And it's not necessarily that there is something wrong or right with us. It's really just a state of a busy mind, of a curious mind looking for answers.
For me it's my usual eternal void. My constant search for source and meaning of it all, unsatisfied pursuit of our life purpose. Why are we here? What is it that we have (or not) to do? And how do we measure? And how do we know what's real and what's not? Will we ever find the answers? Will we ever know the truth?

Yes, some heavy thinking for Sunday :) But hey, it's important to think. It's good to ask. Even if we never find the answers. Even when we feel like we're getting close only to realize later that we'd never been further...

But certain things in this world bring me back (at least for awhile), and make me smile and, most importantly, make me believe again. Believe that love is all that matters, and if we just let it be, we'll see beauty everywhere.

Last night it was this video that brought me back and gave me hope:

Enjoy, and think for yourself, look for your own answers.

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