Friday, August 24, 2012

The Big Fake O

It's the 21st Century, and it's no longer a secret that most (all!) women fake an orgasm now and then. We don't want to hurt your feelings guys, but the truth is we do it on a regular basis.

Although this fact is no longer shocking, the next thing I am going to share with you is probably going to shake some men's world. Not intentional, I'm just being a messenger here.

The Big truth about the Big O is very few men make us orgasm 90-100% of the time. The majority is about 50/50 or less. Whatever a woman tells you, this is the truth and we don't want you to feel bad about it. Don't get me wrong, we still enjoy sex, and can be crazy about you. It's just not every man can take us all the way to the top. Blame it on our complexities.

Being a man, of course you want to know what needs to be done to make her orgasm. How does one become a great lover?

There is really no guideline, for if there was we would definitely share it with you. Don't you think we'd rather enjoy the most amazing feeling in the world than faking it and worrying whether we did a good job? I don't have to answer it:)

You guys know me, I analyze stuff, I search for answers. So I am going to share some knowledge that might be helpful. Again, there is always a room for improvement.

If you recall from my earlier posts about sex and sexuality, I am extremely sexual, and certainly feel entitled to have strong opinions based on my love for sex and my partners' feedback :) But even I haven't "hit the spot" with most of my partners every time we were intimate. Reality: only 2 men in my life lead me to orgasm every time we made love. One of them I loved, the other - I didn't. Therefore my earlier theory that we only experience it 100% of the time with the one we love is not true. Besides, the 2nd man I loved, had less than 50% success rate with me (not that he knew that...)
As I learned love is not all it takes.

So what did those men have that others didn't?
They both seriously and genuinely cared about pleasuring me in and out of bed. They put me first at all times when we were together. They truly believed and made me feel that I was the most beautiful girl in the world. They never asked me to do anything for them, they simply wanted to take care of me. They made me feel special. They treated me nicely and generously, showed me undivided attention. They always set the mood, and made me feel safe. They picked me up and carried me to bed. They let me feel desirable, a true sex Goddess. They took oral sex to the next level.

The most amazing part about it is that we didn't even have to do anything crazy. There were no acrobatic moves, stimulants of any sort or any extra work involved. It would happen so naturally, so smoothly that we could never even recall how we got there. It was just easy, almost too easy. But that's the real beauty: The Big O is very simple if you only find the right key :)

How do you find the key? Well, this is for you to find out. There are different keys just as there are different women. But you'll need to find the one that is just right for her.
But I am sure putting her first would be a good place to start with any woman!

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