Monday, August 20, 2012

He Is So Into You

Get ready, ladies. In this post, I, for once and for all, will shed some light on how to tell if he is interested or not. Although we women always know it deep inside but, for some reason, sometimes don't want to face the truth. If however you love yourself and know your worth, knowing and accepting this truth will save you time and heartache in your search for love. Don't waste your time. Be smart.

As usual, I turned to my male friend to give me his insights first.

Me: "How can you tell if the guy is really interested? And not just a fling, but a relationship."

Man: "It's so simple. You just see it in his actions. It's palpable. He'll do things (even crazy things) to show her he is into her. Give her a lot of attention, initiate seeing her as much as possible. He'll take her out to great places, send her flowers, listen to what she is into, and make plans accordingly. He'll be generous. He won't be aggressive in trying to get her into bed right away. Definitely not expect to get between the sheets after just 3-4 dates. He'll be patient. Let her make that move. Basically he'll go all the way, without reservation."

So you see ladies, when he is really into you, it is so obvious you don't ever have to question it. If you need to wonder and ask your girl-friends "Why hasn't he called/texted/followed up/etc..., it means that he has something else more exciting to catch. Yes, men are hunters, and they'll hunt to the end for the one they want. So quit those pointless "excuse finders", i.e. he is busy at work, he's traveling, and especially excuses like the following: "It's me, I didn't show enough interest", "I did something wrong".

Please don't ever question yourself. It's not you. If it's your guy, he'll get you. You'll never have to question yourself with him, for he wants you the way you are.

I've always known it, and it's been the truth I followed through all of my dating experiences. I wouldn't even be interested in a guy who's not making his best effort to win me over. He needs to pursue, he needs to move the mountain to even get my interest. Otherwise, I am not interested. What's the point?? If he didn't put any effort into it in the beginning, how will he appreciate you going forward?

For some unknown reason, I do meet a lot of women who either don't see it or don't want to see it. So if you want the truth and simply don't see it, this post is for you. Stop questioning yourself. You're the goddess, and deserve to be treated as such. And please believe me, once you hold this belief and won't accept any guy who makes you question, there will be a man (or many men) who will go out of their way to get your attention, to see you, to make you smile. Just take my word for it.

Just see how we all appreciate something that comes harder to us, something we need to work for. That short 5-day vacation once a year. It's so precious, we savor every day, every minute of it. And how would you feel about it, if you could go on a vacation every month for more than a week? You wouldn't care so much, would you?

It's the same case with everything in life. Value increases as attainability decreases. Know your worth. You are your own appraiser. Ultimately, it is up to you, whether you want a man who'll treat you like a princess and you'll bloom like a flower with him. Or you'll be spending your time asking your friends, driving yourself crazy and losing your self-confidence.

What serves you right is for you to decide. But I inspire you to discover your divine female power and only let those men into your life who'll match it up and take it higher.

My love to you!

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