Friday, August 3, 2012

2012 Olympics

To me, the Olympics have always associated with unbelievable will power, contagious competition, fascination and respect for athletes and frustration with judges. I become passionate even about the sports I normally don't care about. Who won diving? The Chinese again?! Yes, I love it all.

This Olympics, however, I discovered, has a lot of humor associated with them as well. How come I never noticed how hilarious the Games really are. and some athletes? Don't get me started!

Even New York, has displayed its humorous approach to the Games. Below are some pictures of the sculptures on Park Ave, that supposedly represent the 2012 Olympics that take place in London, let me notice. I know, we still want to be a part of it. But whoever designed them, What were you smoking??

Also here are some links to the funniest articles/pictures from London with love. Don't read it in the office (like I did), for everyone will want to know why you're "lmao"...

1) The funniest pictures:

2) Ryan Lochte's 18 "Fashion Rules:

3) Realistic Olympics:

4) The face says it all. Priceless:))

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