Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fire Island

This post is probably more relevant to stressed out, tired, in need of vacation, time strapped New Yorkers. I've already shared one of the quickest and easiest ways to get away for a day or two, which was Long Beach. And here is another one: Fire Island. Not as fast and easy, but still a very good option to connect with the nature and get some vitamin D.
Fire Island is literally an island, with no cars, no transportation, but a long strip of a beautiful clean beach, funky beach houses, bars and restaurants, family owned shops, and boats. The only way to get there is a ferry, or a boat if you happen to have one :)
Getting to the ferry, you'll need to take LIRR and a taxi. Driving is also an option but for most New Yorkers (who don't drive), it's easier to take LIRR - taxi - ferry. Approximate travel time: 2+hours. So opt for an early start or staying over night if possible. I've done it either way, and never complained about the travel, for it was always worth it.

Most practical case scenario: going early in the morning, and coming back to the city the same day.
Expensive case scenario: staying at one of few hotels.
Best case scenario: staying at friends' house with a separate room.
Ok case scenario: staying at friends' friends' house wherever you find a place.
Scenario for party animals: partying all night, and getting some sleep in the morning on the beach (done by many believe it or not).
Most creative case scenario: staying on the boat (your own or new friends which could be found very easily:)

Either way, do it at least once this summer. Have fun!

One of the many little streets that take you to the beach. Walk time is 7 min.
Don't be surprised to see deer. They are Fire Island's legal residents!
It's worth it!!
Beach in the am. Best time as it's quiet and peaceful
View from one of the restaurants

As one ferry leaving the island another approaching it

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