Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dating Game, III

Cheers all,

Sorry for my temporary disappearance, it wasn't intentional. Life has been hectic in the past few weeks, and, as I once mentioned, I take my blog seriously, and only write from my heart and soul. When life gets crazy, connecting to my heart and soul could be challenging. Hence my temporary absence..

Anyway I am back, and ready to share with you my latest "new york love" shenanigans. Though I write about many different (ideally inspirational/motivational) things, the primary purpose of this blog is to find true love, and inspire others. The task I took on exactly a year ago. Results: many fun dates, few strong connections, 2 major disappointments, best sex of my life, one painful breakup. A lot has been experienced and learned. But most importantly, I have never felt stronger and so much in love with myself as I do now. More about it later.

If you read the last post from my "Online dating" series, then you are aware that I actually dated someone I met online for a few months. And although I was temporary off the dating market, let me tell my dating life was anything but dull. Right when I met the guy I dated, I met a couple of guys at my gym who deserve to be mentioned here :)

It was a typical Friday night, and where else would I be but at the Reebok sports club. Yes, my usual TGIF routine doesn't involve 2 for 1 margaritas at the nearest bar... I've told you I'm dorky :)

Here I am on a treadmill, watching Tosh on Comedy central, trying to run and laugh at the same time. Please don't try it, could be dangerous! Some guy simply comes up and starts talking to me. Only a Russian guy could interrupt you while you're in the middle of doing your own thing. Sure enough, Michael is Russian and it only takes five minutes into a conversation that I am invited to go hiking with him tomorrow and anything he is doing in the future. That's the way Russian guys are: fast, straightforward, persistent. He is not giving up. Lucky for him, I like his smile, so here is my number, see you tomorrow. After a few unsuccessful attempts to become my personal trainer for the night, he finally leaves me alone to finish my workout.

As I finish my workout, take a shower, and head outside, I find that it's raining cats and dogs. Even umbrella wouldn't be much of a use, not that I have it..

What are my choices? Not many. I am just waiting for the rain to stop. Few minutes passes and another lucky Reebok member joins me under the roof. I feel his look on me, I am kinda used to it, so no sign from my side. In a few minutes, I guess tired of waiting to see any interest coming his way, he goes "How long have you been waiting?  "5 years and 2 months" I'm thinking but saying "A few minutes". Really, does it matter how long I have been waiting? How will it improve the odds of stopping the rain.. Logically?

"Hmm" he says."We could be waiting for a long time" What a genius! I have no choice but to look at him with a smirk on my wet face. As I turn around and finally look at him, all my sarcastic intentions wash away as fast as the rain falling on our faces. I am met with an amazing smile. He's got my smile: open, sweet, real, sexy, mysterious. I am drawn to him instantly. The rain stops and we start walking and talking and it's all good! Amar is from India, has been around the world, and it seems we'll never run out of things to talk about. And his smile, that smile..

He walks me to the Lincoln Center, I give him my number, and we cheek kiss each other good night. I am running home, and dreaming of his smile.

Stay tuned to hear what happens next.


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