Friday, March 2, 2012

New Series - Dare Yourself

Hi All,

Today I felt moved to think outside the box. It's that I started feeling that my life was getting routine again. Besides my daily yoga practice that always teaches me to go further and deeper, everything else seems static at this point. Definitely a good timing to shake things up. Always looking for ways to develop myself, I've decided to take on a new life challenge, which I'll cover on my blog.

Challenge: Every week do something that I could never imagine doing. Or if imagined, never thought I could do it.
Preference: Something of a romantic nature. Other options include: physical, mental, self-giving, compassionate, daring, even crazy (as long as doesn't hurt anyone involved).

In the meantime, I encourage all of you to take on that challenge. Dare yourself to do something that seemed impossible or you simply never thought was for you. By doing that, not only will you expand your possibilities, you'll also learn more about yourself. And as I many times reiterated, nothing is more important in your life than learning about yourself and constantly looking for ways to develop yourself. You are your most important relationship in your life, and need to make it your priority.

I'll be sharing my ways to dare myself and encourage you to share your ideas. I even dare myself to try what you dared yourself to do. Promise.

Let's get excited and let any fear and self doubt take a vacation. For we are too busy exploring our new boundaries.




    1. Thank you love. It went straight to my heart:)