Monday, March 26, 2012

Me, Excited, Inspired

Cheers everyone,

I am at work right now but felt compelled to write a few lines to share a couple things that are keeping me excited today (despite it being Monday and back to cold weather).

First, last Saturday while out with my girl-friends at Mari Vanna, we were blessed with the presence of one new yorker we, new york women, simply cannot resist. Mr.Big himself. Of course you know Mr. Big from  Sex and the City? We (all my girl-friends and I) loooooove him. So imagine our excitement, especially when he waved at our table. Did he look as hot as in the movie? Abso-fucking-lutely :) I think I was hot from head to toes, and literally had to drag myself outside to get some cool air. I am not kidding. My hormones were flying super high since Friday, the night before...

Second, I wanted to share my new love for the LA based band "Moderne Man". 2 Brothers, 9 under 3-minute songs, 1 big surprise. They rock, and they are officially my Spring 2012 music. Check them out, they are on iTunes and Spotify (pic below). here is their official website: They sound and feel light, breezy, exciting... They are refreshing.

Hope you all find excitement and inspiration on this lovely Monday. No better way to start a new week.

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