Thursday, February 2, 2012


Nite all.

This is a reminder to think about the questions I asked you in my previous post! I know I am being pushy here, but I really want you to put in some effort too. This is for the highest benefit to all.
Before I take you to the next step, which is showing the methods and learning how to develop your Inner Sex Goddess, I want you to understand what it all means to you.
So please think about love, sex, sexuality and anything else that comes in the process:) let inspiration and your heart guide you.

here is another music video I absolutely love:


  1. I wasn't aware of Arno Elias, so thanks for posting this. :-) I'll bet it sounds even better on a nice sound system (rather than light digital media through computer speakers). Do you know the album Cafe de Luna? Some great music of similar feeling. Check out Soul Spaces: (be sure to listen on headphones with eyes closed).