Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Life is like an ocean

Today during my yoga practice, the teacher shared the following thought:

"Life is like an ocean. You're standing in it, and then the wave comes your way and knocks you down. You fall deep down with sand in your hair, your clothes, your eyes and throat. Then you get up and see the wave goes away and breaks down. Then a new one comes in and you get knocked down again. And so on and so on, until the time you build resistance and can handle the wave. And then when you get strong, there are no waves anymore but still calm waters."

Perfect timing for this wisdon really as today has been one of those days for me when I felt vulnerable. You know those days, when for no particular reason, you feel small and fragile, as if thrown into the deep ocean away from your loved ones, all by yourself and no one to hang on to? I am sure we all have those days, even the strongest of us:)
Of course those days are rare for me, simply because I can't afford them in my life. But whenever I feel that way, I just want to go back to the time I was a little girl, and my dad carried me in his strong arms. Just a memory of it makes me feel safe and loved.
Whenever we feel unsafe and need some loving, we just need to think of something or someone who made us feel safe and happy. In my case, my dad carrying me. I am sure we all have some memories from childhood when we felt safe and loved.

The days we feel small and vulnerable should be cherished. It's so rare we let ourselves feel that way due to our ego, but deep down we are sensitive beings and want to be loved and cared for. Even though I feel vulnerable I feel the most innocent at the time. It's like all I need is my loved ones around me and feel like I am home. Nothing else matters. Ego is gone and only what really matters in life (love and companionship) is present. Those feelings are important to feel grounded and to understand what really matters in life. So embrace them and treat them with all the love you can give. Think of your loved ones, your parents, your siblings, reach out to them if possible. Or simply hold them in your heart and know they are there for you, just like you are there for them.

And if you ever feel that way and have no one to turn to, email me:) Just reaching out will make all the difference. The most important thing is to see the beauty in feeling that way. We are all connected and love indeed is all there is. We forget about that and feel that it's us against the world. This leads to fear and unhappiness. So when we feel small and vulnerable it's the God's way to bring us back to awareness that we are all one and with God. No fear, just love.


P.S. here are some pics of me and my family (on camel is my older sister). I was born in 80's, in Russia, in case you were wondering about the quality of pics, and my mum's cool hair:)


  1. Very true!!! Well written! ( btw my mom had the same hair :-) and this camel looks cute! :-)

    1. I think all mums in 80's (at least in Russia) had this hair. I hope it won't have a come back :)