Tuesday, December 27, 2011


To all my readers and to the world in general:

Wishing 2012 be the best year you can remember. I am not going to say let ALL your wishes come true (as most of us don't believe in such luck).
What I wish is that your most desirable wish will come true in 2012; be it Finding True Love, Opening up a business, Advancing in your career, Getting pregnant, Getting married, Going to Brazil (your destination), Making love to Ryan Gosling (as long as your wish of getting married didn't come first:), Writing a book, Making a fortune and spending it on Travel, Family Reunion, 1 month vacation, Sleeping 8 hours a day, or Simply being happier.
Seriously, I want you to pick just One of your most desirable wishes and really believe that it will come true. I promise that as long as you truly believe it's possible it will happen. And if you post it on my blog, I'll make sure to talk to God about it, and we'll see what we can do ;)
Joke aside, I believe that anything is possible; that is realistically possible, something you know you can do but have very little faith, self doubt yourself or are simply afraid. Those are false and limiting mind sets that are keeping you away from achieving your dreams.
So please pick one wish, and know that no matter what happens to the rest of them this ONE will definitely come to reality.

As for me, tonight I am flying to Mother Russia to spend the most important day for me (NYE) with my parents, my mom and dad. This has been my dream for the last 10 years and is finally coming true!

I will reconnect with you all in 2012. Blessings your way and lots of love.


  1. Lovely thoughts. Safe travels. Happy New Year (and Old New Year) to you.

  2. Suraj, thank you! Let it be a blissful year for you. Also I would like to encourage your male input on my posts in the new year:)