Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My favorite word

It just happens I usually have a favorite word at a certain period of my life. You know the one you just always notice whenever someone says it and it's like music to your ears. You almost right away feel affinity for that person, simply because they said "your" word.. Although there are some words that make you want to gag when you hear them but this post isn't about them. The word you love is different; it has a special place in your heart for it certainly breaks the lock and goes straight to the bottom of it. I don't know if I am alone in this passion for words but those who have this illogical if not insane affection as well will understand what I am expressing here.

Anyway for a long period the word "Amazing" held that special place, then I fancied "Sweet", "Super", etc... They would come and go. And for about 2 years I didn't fancy anything. I think my ex-partner's obsession with word "Awesome" was too much too handle and I just couldn't make a room for my own. Not till last month at least..

Yes, just the way love sneaks up on us, a new favorite word found the way to my heart suddenly and unexpectedly. And it's not "Love", in case you are taking a guess. My new favorite word is "Sure".

It was in Spain when Javi and I were talking about something. He said something to which I replied with my somewhat usual "Really?" it was then when he said "Sure" in such a lovely affirmative way that my heart just melted. Like there was no doubt, no confusion. My mind responded with unquestionable trust and my heart opened and welcomed a new favorite word.

Then I've heard it several times and every time my heart would just expand with joy. It's so physical I can't control it. That's how I know that I love something.

I was happy to have my new word though I noticed how different it is from the ones I loved in the past. It wasn't as sweet as others, it couldn't be used in almost any sentence, definitely can't be used in any response. In fact, I think the true meaning of "Sure" is very rare in our modern life, especially here in New York. The word has many meanings, of course, but the one that I love and refer to (affirmation to something said that erases any doubt) is truly rare this days.

I think re-assurance has never been more important to me. And I just hope that I'll be hearing more of "Sure" in a rightful and deserving way, of course.

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