Monday, August 1, 2011

Dream life - What if..

As I was walking home from work today I got into some interesting thinking. I work across the Flatiron Bldg and walk all the way to Lincoln Center via 5th Avenue. It's a daily routine and usually uneventful. But today as I was passing all those designer stores on 5th (Pucci, Gucci, Schmucci..), I began thinking what would my life be if any means were available to me: time, money, flexibility, basically, things that would let me have the life of my dreams..
First, I thought that I would like to dress Burberry by day, and Agent Provocateur and Pucci by night. I would only stay at Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton. And I would have a yacht which I would regularly use for my get aways.
I am not a materialistic person but I have an eye for beauty, and then I realized I don't really need money for the things I want. Those are just things that could be exchanged for anything else. My mind went crazy for awhile trying to find some genius ideas for services I could provide to those places in exchange for the things I want in my perfect world.. I stopped on the idea where I would read and sign my books at Four Seasons to my loyal readers who would stay in the hotel because of me.. I know I can be very (no, extremely) imaginative :)
Of course it was just fun thinking but it did come to a conclusion. As my thoughts were progressing I realized that in the end my dream life would be by the beach. It could be in Brazil, Spain, Hawaii, Bali or anywhere else. I would play there, I would work there (writing of course!), I would make love there, all the things I love to do I could do on the beach, really. And I wouldn't even need a Pucci dress. Give me brazilian bikini, sunglasses and a scarf and I am the happiest. As there is no designer that could ever measure up to the beach, sun, sand and love..

Check out the video below I absolutely love. Hint: there are lots of brazilian bikinis:

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