Monday, August 15, 2011

Baby I'm for Real

I just have to warn you, this will be a corny post, even dorky.. Well I’ll have to risk my reputation on this one..
Have you heard a song “Baby I’m for real” by Michael McDonald? I know, I know.. But I love what it says. Don’t you just want to hear those words from a man you are with? A man you loved? A man you love? I’d say at least from a man you love and who proclaims to love you too. And it’s not just that you hear those words, you believe them too.
I heard many love confessions, something along the lines "I feel that God created you just for me (selfish..), You're the best, and only with me can you experience such love (selfish more..), Did your parents know you're so hot (Common!!) I'll stop before it's too late.. I still care about my reputation :)
So I heard it all from the men I loved and the ones I didn't. But I never heard what I really wanted (and still do) to hear. Baby I am for real!!

In this cynical world, especially NY, this is what we, women, really want to hear. And not just hear, but know that it is indeed real.
I know ladies will agree with me, and maybe some men (the ones who are still looking for an answer to a lifetime question What Women Want?) will do too. If you're not for real say so. No one will chase you, I promise. But if you are, don't be afraid to voice it as there is a chance this is exactly what your woman wants. 

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