Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Taking a break

Do you ever feel that you want to get away from it all and come back when you're completely relaxed and re-charged to take on the world again.
I wish there was a time machine that could take us to wherever it is we want to be to re-charge our batteries and then bring us back to the exact same time and space so that we don't even have to deal with stress that we are behind on responsibilities and need to catch up.
I feel that way now, and the place I would like to be is Spain. I haven't told you yet, but I have a sister and niece who live there. And I feel the happiest when I am with them in Spain. When we go to the beautiful Andalucian beaches, when my niece won't let a hold of me the whole time, even at night. She wraps her legs over me, and we can sleep in her twin bed and still feel rested. I never could sleep with anyone like that. But with her, wrapped all over me, I sleep like a baby. And when my sister sings a silly song from our childhood that makes me and my niece laugh so hard that we beg her to stop for our bellies hurt. When we drive back from the beach in the night and there are no lights only the car lights showing the next two steps. And we feel so safe and so happy. We don't even have to say it. I miss them all the time..
There is nothing more precious than the time spent with the people we love and trust above all.
I am sending my unconditional love and blessings to my most important people: my sister and my niece. I love you. Las Hermanas Como las estrellas, No siempre juntas pero seimpre ahi

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