Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dating Game I

If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to these days in my personal life I am finally ready to let you in.
I’ve been dating. Since my rebound from last relationship ended in April, I entered the dating scene. It’s not that I planned it, but it kind of happened naturally as I regularly meet men that are interesting and are interested. 
I’ll start from the beginning which took place in May.
It was a nice late May Saturday night. My friend from San Francisco came to NY to celebrate her Big day, and a group of 5 people gathered at Mari Vanna, our favourite Russian place in NY. I remember it was exactly a week after my rebound finale and I felt that I just didn’t care anymore. I was just happy to meet with my friends, and couldn’t care less about guys. There were no expectations whatsoever, in a way that I chose a Russian place knowing that I had zero interest in russian guys and it was a safe place to be.
The only desire I had that morning was to go away, travel some place. I am mentioning this right now as you’ll see the reason later. It’s quiet miraculous.

I put my skinny jeans and a white shirt on, and Natalie and I were on the way to meet our friends. I remember we got in there before everyone and ordered some food and drinks. Natalie is my friend and roommate, I think at this point we know about each other’s lives more than anyone. So we just wanted to talk about it all and relax before everyone got in. 
Once my friends joined the place started picking up pace. There were definitely lots of guys, but I was true to myself and did not pay attention being just happily present with my friends. I do recall though that when Lana’s boy-friend Drew was taking a picture of us, a group of guys walked in. I saw them because we were facing the door. I am blind when it comes to distances so I was only able to see smiling (I could be mistaken) faces and black shirts. The guys went in and blended with the crowd. 

My friends and I had an amazing time talking and taking pictures. it was a very easy flowing night. At some point, Drew came over and asked me to arrange a surprise cake for Lana. I had to move to the other side of the bar to talk to the stuff and make sure Lana didn’t see it. So it was then when I finished talking to a personnel at the end of the bar that a guy was picking up 3 glasses of red wine, the guy from the group that I noticed earlier. I turned around and found a beautiful smile and smiling eyes. He asked me whether I would like a glass of wine, and I almost naturally said yes. He gave me the glass right away and asked for another one for himself after giving the other glasses to his friends. 
I asked him what kind of wine it was, he said Malbec, and for some reason I asked him whether he was from Argentina. He had a tanned skin and his face had a nice sexy but kind look that I would associate with Argentinians. Malbec was the link. He said no, but it didn’t matter at that point. He was from another country and had the most unusual name. I liked him instantly but since I wasn’t looking for any adventures that night, I left and joined my friends. 
The cake came out and it was amazing. The guy (I’ll refer to him as M), and I were sending smiles over the room now and then, and I knew he was there and something would happen. 
I don’t remember how but at some point he and his friends got chairs next to us, and I couldn’t fight my instincts anymore. We joined in the night, we had more wine and food. and eventually I found myself talking mostly to him and not my friends. It was easy. My friends left, we stayed, his friends left, we stayed, everybody at the restaurant left and we still stayed. It was right then when I felt that we had to go as the place was closing and I told him that we should get going. But my words just evaporated into the night and I all I could see is his lips and feel the vibes around. We kissed. And when we left the place, we kissed more, we were kissing in a cab home. I was completely turned on, yet I had to pull myself together and kiss him good night. 

The next day, he wanted to go to a movie but I felt that it was my day to do my stuff, such as writing my blog :) You see I didn’t plan it and when it happens out of the blue I am not sure what to do. So we didn’t go to a movie but then he asked me how I felt about going to Vegas with him next week? We just met last night and it would seem crazy, right? But I said Yes, and although I wanted to feel that it was crazy it didn’t feel that way. I think I trusted him, I couldn’t explain why, I just felt it. Maybe because I wanted to go away (remember that morning) and the Universe delivered the opportunity right away and it felt so natural that I went along with it. Yet I felt attracted to him. I felt that I knew him and I could sense that the time together in Vegas would be amazing. But I also sensed that it wasn’t our time yet and we almost rushed in because we so wanted it. I can’t explain it but for some reason my sixth sense was telling me that the timing wasn’t right yet, I knew the trip wouldn’t be an inception to a relationship. I couldn’t explain it and it only made sense later on. 

So I went to Vegas with M the following week. 
Stay tuned in to see what happens next.

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