Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Before I continue

Do you ever feel exhausted emotionally? It's as if you can't think anymore, and just want to blank out.
I think the recent romantic shenanigans (which I'll write about later) left me completely drained. You see, I can't just touch the surface, I need to go all the way deep in. I live and do everything whole-heartedly. And that could be exhausting.
Since May of this year, my romantic life has been as busy as a presidential campaign. I've shared the first part of it in my previous post "Dating Game". I will continue my story but for now just wanted to take a break from dating and re-charge my batteries. We all need to nurture ourselves in order to live life fully. And that means having a complete balance in your life, not letting outside factors interfere. For me it's hard to do, as I feel and live through anyone crossing my path. I worry for people, I think of them and want to help.. I should consider opening my therapy practice :)

For now, I am laying low, not seeing or talking to any guys, just resting. And taking care of myself. I need to plan my trip to Spain and that will need my undivided attention. (just love my excuses:)

As such, I will continue writing about my current romantic escapades once I restore my balance. And once I feel completely in charge, I will get back to dating and mating game so that I could dive deep in again.

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